09 April 2014

Sand Motor Monitoring data lab live

3TU.Datacentrum has successfully delivered the production of the Sand Motor Monitoring data lab on 4 April this year. The Sand Motor researchers can now use the, by 3TU.Datacentrum developed, IT environment in which collected research data can be securely stored, shared, edited and visualized. They will be supported by a special 3TU.Datacentrum helpdesk.

Figure 1 : Portal of Sand Motor Monitoring data lab

The Sand Motor is a project of Rijkswaterstaat which explores the possibilities of sustainable and natural coastal protection through the construction of a peninsula (on the coast near Ter Heijde).

Commissioned by EcoShape 3TU.Datacentrum has created a unique online environment, based on the Open Earth platform, where the collected Sand Motor monitoring data can be stored, processed and disclosed. All suitable data from the Sand Motor Monitoring project will become Open Access available for the public domain at the end of the project (January 1, 2017). Until then the data from the lab will only be accessible to the research parties involved in the Sand Motor project.

A custom- developed data lab, such as the Sand Motor Monitoring data lab, helps researchers by automating the processes around digital research data and simplifies the transition to long- term storage after the conclusion of the research process. In this way a 3TU.Datacentrum data lab contributes significantly to dissemination and publication of your research data.

Read more about the Sand Motor or a 3TU.Datacentrum data lab.

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