04 October 2016

New coordinator 4TU.Centre for Research Data

We are delighted to announce that, since this week, the new head of Research Data Services at TU Delft is Alastair Dunning. With this role, Alastair also assumes responsibility for co-ordinating the 4TU.Centre for Research Data.

Originally from Scotland, Alastair has already been working at TU Delft since earlier this year. His portfolio will include developing a Data Stewardship policy for TU Delft, and ensuring that 4TU.Research Data continues to provide a secure base for researchers to archive and locate their data.

Says Alastair: "Research Data Management is a hot topic right now. The value of data is rising sharply, not just for verifying and reproducing research but as intellectual capital that others can reuse in their scholarship, as well as informing policy makers and government. I am delighted to have responsibility for such a well-established archive, and look forward to embedding Data Stewardship within Delft, as well as collaborating with colleagues in Twente, Eindhoven and further afield."

Alastair's previous jobs have been with the cultural heritage platform Europeana, the UK funding agency Jisc, and the Arts and Humanities Data Service.

Outside of work, Alastair enjoys spending time with his family (including recently born son), and learning the intricacies of Dutch grammar. He cycles a lot and also likes to teach the Dutch about cricket. This is,  according to Alastair, "a significantly more difficult task than persuading scientists to publish their research data".

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