31 January 2017

Sand Motor Monitoring data available

Since 2011 researchers of the Sand Motor project (project of Rijkswaterstaat) explore the possibilities of sustainable and natural coastal protection through the construction of a peninsula near the coast of Ter Heijde. In 2016 the first phase of the research program was completed and this year various data came publicly available at 4TU.ResearchData.

Sand Motor research
Researchers are studying how the Sand Motor develops to see whether this initiative for coastal protection does indeed work. De research is focused on sand distribution, flora and fauna, swimming safety, dune development, groundwater and recreation.
The data is gathered in a variety of ways, using a radar installation, jet skis for depth and height measurements, buoys, observations on-site inventories and the Argus mast.
More about The Sand Motor

Sand Motor data
Commissioned by EcoShape 4TU.ResearchData created in 2014  a unique online environment where the collected Sand Motor monitoring data can be stored, processed and disclosed.
All suitable data from the Sand Motor Monitoring project are now Open Access available for the public domain in the archive of 4TU.ResearchData.

4TU.ResearchData offers researchers a long-term archive for storing scientific research data,  permanent access to thousands of data sets, and tools for reuse of research data.



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26 April
Please find the beautiful dataset from this study in our data archive: doi.org/10.4121/uuid:9… twitter.com/tudelta/status…

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