20 March 2017

Take care of your data

Funds available for research Data Refinement and Data Papers

4TU.Centre for Research Data introduces two funds to support researchers with their research data management: the Data Refinement Fund and the Data Paper Fund.

About the funds

The Data Refinement Fund offers researchers a budget to make their valuable research data available online.  With the funding researchers can refine their data for proper discoverability and reusability, for example, by adding metadata and by standardisation, The fund can then pay for additional resources, such as a student assistant.
Once the data is refined, it will be deposited in  the 4TU.ResearchData Archive, where it will be published open access.

With the Data Paper Fund 4TU.ResearchData promotes publishing of  data papers by funding the publishing costs. Data papers provide insight into the how and why of data collection. They invite the  research community to describe their data, provide details on their collection and processing, describe the software and file formats etc. Making datasets available in data articles and papers increases the findability, visibility and recognition of research outcome.

More information

Further information about the funds (the benefits, requirements and request process) is available on our website or by contacting our helpdesk.

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26 April
Please find the beautiful dataset from this study in our data archive: doi.org/10.4121/uuid:9… twitter.com/tudelta/status…

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