Conducting research

Search for existing research data

During the research process, research data are collected, re-used or generated. For re-use, you can draw upon existing research data that are available in data archives or other sources.

Collaborate in a data lab

A data lab can be established in order to store data generated during the research, to share these data with fellow researchers, to process them and to visualise them.

Claim your data/reserve a DOI

During the research period, publications are also written. In some cases, selections of the underlying data are made available and linked to these publications. As a researcher, you can reserve a digital object identifier (DOI) – even before you have deposited your data in an archive – for use in your publication.

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21 February
Congrats to our @Ellen4TUData, her collaboration partners and the designer @armand_gabeler with their 3rd place-win……

Deposit your data

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