Data Management Requirements from Research Funders

In Summer 2016, the EU and the NWO (the two major research funders for scientists in the Netherlands) declared that they would be make good research data management part of nearly all of their funding programmes.

This means that all project proposals to Horizon 2020 and any of the NWO programmes should include a data management section, that briefly outlines how research data will be handled during the project

In general, whoever the funder, project proposals are expected to include a data section. Staff from 4TU.ResearchData are happy to provide help and advice for any data management questions.

Guidelines for writing a data paragraph:

Once a project has been approved a larger data management plan is submitted as an early deliverable from the project. If there are commercial or other reasons why data cannot be shared, the submitter of the proposal can opt out of these data sharing obligations.  

The following list contains links to the grant conditions specified by various research funders:

4TU.Centre for Research Data and the staff of your local Valorisation Centre are happy to help with any of these issues.

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