14 februari 2017

Dataverse 4.6 is released

DataverseNL has been upgraded to version 4.6 and is available for all to use at https://dataverse.nl.
This new version has a fresh and easier interface, both for uploading data, as for sharing data with your fellow researchers.

Another major change is the new dataset and dataverse organization; you can now not only have have multiple datasets within a dataverse, but also have multiple dataverses within a dataverse.
An updated user's guide will be available soon on the DataverseNL website.

Interested in using DataverseNL?
Through 4TU.ResearchData, you can draw upon a Dataverse, an open source application to make research data accessible to others. You can store data in the DataverseNL environment and grant multiple individuals controlled access to them. Once you have requested the project environment (DataverseNL) from 4TU.ResearchData, you are free to arrange this environment as you wish.



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