About the 4TU.Centre for Research Data

4TU.Centre for Research Data (short, 4TU.ResearchData) offers researchers knowledge, experience and tools for sharing and safely preserving applied scientific research data. 

Products and services

Researchers can turn to 4TU.ResearchData for advice and support on data management at any stage in the research process.

  • Planning research

    • Advice and support in preparing a data management plan to accompany a research proposal.

  • Conducting research

    • Possibilities for the secure storage, processing and sharing of research data, tools and documentation.

  • Publication of research

    • A reliable long-term storage site, primarily for applied scientific research data, with permanent access to the research data.
    • Possibilities for linking publications to underlying data.
    • Enhanced retrievability and citability for research data.

4TU.ResearchData is an initiative of the three Dutch technical universities (Delft, Eindhoven, Twente), and it offers the above services also to researchers at other institutions. Additional information on the background and mission of 4TU.ResearchData .

What’s in it for the researcher?

Data management helps the researcher prevent the risks of data loss (e.g. due to a crashed hard drive or outdated analytic software), it facilitates the sharing of data during research and enhances the visibility of the research data.

Did you know that publications containing links to the underlying data are cited more frequently than are publications without such links? By storing your research data in the archives of 4TU.ResearchData, you are also making them available for new research. Moreover, it helps you comply with the increasingly strict requirements of your research funder.

Data Seal of Approval

Since early 2013, 4TU.ResearchData has held the Data Seal of Approval. This certificate and the associated guidelines ensure researchers that the data will remain accessible in the future. 


4TU.ResearchData collaborates nationally and internationally with various organisations, including Research Data Netherlands (RDNL), DataCite and the UKB. 
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Become a partner

The 4TU.ResearchData  consortium is open to organizations that share our mission and it will make an active contribution to it.
4TU.ResearchData  partnership.

Additional information

Additional information on 4TU.ResearchData is available on this website or in our flyer and brochure. In our good practices brochure, researchers tell about their experiences with the services of 4TU.ResearchData .

FlyerBrochureGood practices

The Data Browser provides access to the datasets.

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