Background and mission

Re-use of data

In recent decades, information and communications technologies have developed rapidly. Partly for this reason, the applied sciences have access to an enormous amount of digital measurement and research data. Parties around the world acknowledge that we must treat this wealth of information carefully. Existing scientific data can be re-used in many ways – in traditional research as well as e-research, e.g. pattern recognition in large amounts of data (see The End of Theory by Chris Anderson). 

More frequent citation

The benefits of permanent access to these data are not limited to the interests of the collective scientific community; it also serves the individual interests of researchers. Publications by scientists who publish the underlying data sets from their studies have been shown to be cited more frequently (see Sharing Detailed Research Data Is Associated with Increased Citation Rate by Piwowar, Day and Fridsma). 


The mission of 4TU.Centre for Research Data is to ensure the accessibility of technical scientific research during and after completion of research to give a quality boost to contemporary and future research.

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