Become a 4TU.Centre for Research Data partner

4TU.Centre for Research Data  is a consortium of three partners: TU Delft, TU Eindhoven and Twente University. The 4TU.ResearchData consortium is open to organizations that share our mission and it will make an active contribution to it.

As a partner of 4TU.ResearchData :

  • You will take part in board meetings and front-office consultation, which makes you share in the knowledge and influence on the development of our products and the strategy and its implementation by 4TU.ResearchData .

  • You are represented in the cooperations and consultative committees where 4TU.ResearchData engages in.

  • You will receive discounted rates and get access to services that are exclusive to consortium partners (for now DataverseNL and soon the Data Rescue Fund and the Data Publication Fund).

As 4TU.ResearchData partner you are making a contribution to securing access to technical scientific research data through your commitment to the board and the local front office and with financial support from the shared back and front office.

Are you interested in a possible 4TU.ResearchData partnership or do you have questions about it? Please contact 4TU.ResearchData.

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