4TU. Centre for Research Data collaborates nationally and internationally with various organisations, including Research Data Netherlands (RDNL), DataCite and the UKB. 

Research Data Netherlands (RDNL)

Research Data Netherlands is an alliance between the 4TU.ResearchData, Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) and SURFsara. With this coalition, which is also open to other parties, the two data archives join forces in the area of long-term data archiving.
Under the flag of RDNL, 4TU.ResearchData organises the biennial Dutch Data Prize and the course entitled Essentials 4 Data Support.
Visit the Research Data Netherlands website.


4TU.ResearchData collaborates closely with DataCite. The objective of DataCite is to register permanent links, also known as Digital Object Identifiers (DOI), for datasets, thereby allowing the creation of publications enriched with datasets. 
Along with six international partners, the TU Delft Library was one of the founders of DataCite. The TU Delft Library has since become the facility issuing DOIs in the Netherlands. 
Additional information about DataCite Netherlands.


In a partnership between the Dutch university libraries and the National Library of the Netherlands (UKB),the 4TU.ResearchData is working through the three libraries to improve the division of labour and the sharing of knowledge and expertise, particularly in the area of data management.

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