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During and at the end of a research project, you will write one or more publications. Once the research data have been made public, you can refer to the underlying data in a publication.

To ensure accurate citation and to ensure that other researchers will be able to retrieve your dataset in the future, datasets must be equipped with one or more identifiers (preferably a persistent identifier). Every dataset in 4TU.Centre for Research Data archive is provided with a unique, persistent Digital Object Identifier (DOI), which can be linked to or cited in publications. 

Reserve Digital Object Identifier (DOI) in advance 

While you are writing your article, you may reserve a DOI for the data to which you wish to link and that you plan to store in an archive in 4TU.ResearchData. The DOI will be activated once you have uploaded your dataset. 

Complete the following steps 

  • Start the process of uploading your dataset
  • Enter the minimal information of metadata which describe the dataset. 
  • In the third step 'Obtain a DOI', you will receive a DOI.
  • Alternatively, in the third step, you may select the option ‘Email my reserved DOI’. An email will be sent to you, containing instructions for continuing with the upload at a later time. 

One or multiple DOIs? 

DOIs can be assigned at various levels of granularity. For example, a DOI can be assigned to a data collection, as well as to each item within the data collection. When determining the granularity of a DOI, be sure to consider the level to which you wish to refer in your publications. You should also consider the expectations of other data users. Is the material likely to be cited at a more granular level within each data collection? 

Need assistance?

Please contact 4TU.ResearchData for questions or support: +31 (0) 15 27 88 600 

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