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Many research projects involve collaboration with several researchers, and a large amount of research data is generated. To manage such quantities of data and to allow the researchers to share them with each other, 4TU.Centre for Research Data offers the possibility of establishing a ‘data lab’.

A data lab is a secure online environment (with or without screening) for storing, processing and sharing dynamic research data, digital tools and software, visualisations and other items with fellow researchers.

4TU.ResearchData offers the following possibilities:

  • DataverseNL
  • From Data Lab to data archives


Through 4TU.ResearchData, you can draw upon DataverseNL. The objective of this open source application is to make research data accessible to others. You can store data in the DataverseNL environment and grant multiple individuals controlled access to them.
Once you have requested the project environment or dataverse from 4TU.ResearchData, you are free to arrange this environment as you wish.

Why DataverseNL?

  • Organization of data files in dataverses and datasets
  • Addition of metadata and documentation
  • Version management
  • Management of access rights
  • Easy collaboration with fellow researchers or project partners, even beyond your own university or research institute
  • Centralized professional storage and backup
  • To fulfil funding agency requirements for data management and sharing during your research.

See our quick guide for getting started or contact us when you need additional support.


From data lab to data archive

Once a dataset has been completed and ‘frozen’, you may transfer the dataset to 4TU.ResearchData archive for long-term storage. In principle, the data will then be made public. It is possible that the data (or some portion thereof) cannot be released. For example, this would be the case if you have not yet published on the study in question.


Members of the three technical universities (Eindhoven, Twente and Delft) can store up to 50 GB of data free of charge. Storage of more than 50 GB of data costs € 150 per additional 50 GB per year. Take a look at our costs webpage for more information.

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