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  1. Are these sustainable archives @ELIXIREurope? Not one of these archives appears list of @CoreTrustSeal certified re…

    14 Nov 2018
  2. Our archive is having an unexpected nap while some larger ICT problems at TU Delft are being resolved. We are hopeful it will be awake soon.

    14 Nov 2018
  3. RT @kevingashley: #idw2018 the team at @tudelft are a great example to others - in how to find the right people & then do the right things…

    12 Nov 2018
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4TU. Centre for Research Data...

4TU.ResearchData (previously known as 3TU.Datacentrum) offers the knowledge, experience and the tools to archive research data in a standardized, secure and well-documented manner.  It provides the research community with:

  • A long-term archive for storing scientific research data
  • Permanent access to, and tools for reuse of research data
  • Advice and support on data management

4TU.ResearchData currently hosts thousands of datasets. To see examples please visit:

...for you

  • Upload your dataset
  • Increase your visibility
  • Be citable with a digital object identifiers (DOI)
  • Comply to funder and institution requirements
  • Increase the reuse of your data for new research questions or for verification
  • Link your publication to the underlying data.

Research shows that enhanced publications are cited more than publications without links to the underlying data.