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  1. RT @DANSKNAW: Op 18 oktober zal het Open Science Festival 2018 plaatsvinden op de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Dit jaar staat het festival…

    21 Sep 2018
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  2. RT @DANSKNAW: De genomineerden Nederlandse #Dataprijs 2018 zijn bekend. Uit 47 inzendingen heeft de vakkundige jury negen onderzoeken genom…

    21 Sep 2018
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  3. New dataset: Agent-Based Model for Information Flows of Rohingya Refugee Camps by @HumTechLab @tudelft

    19 Sep 2018

4TU. Centre for Research Data...

4TU.ResearchData (previously known as 3TU.Datacentrum) offers the knowledge, experience and the tools to archive research data in a standardized, secure and well-documented manner.  It provides the research community with:

  • A long-term archive for storing scientific research data
  • Permanent access to, and tools for reuse of research data
  • Advice and support on data management

4TU.ResearchData currently hosts thousands of datasets. To see examples please visit:

...for you

  • Upload your dataset
  • Increase your visibility
  • Be citable with a digital object identifiers (DOI)
  • Comply to funder and institution requirements
  • Increase the reuse of your data for new research questions or for verification
  • Link your publication to the underlying data.

Research shows that enhanced publications are cited more than publications without links to the underlying data.