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Store research data for the long term

When completing your study, you may store your data (or selections thereof) for the long term, in addition to publishing and disseminating it. 4TU.Centre for Research Data arranges standardised, well-documented storage, thereby guaranteeing that the data can be found and re-used. 

Upload your own research data

Researchers may upload the data (up to approx. 10 GB) themselves. For the transfer of larger datasets or that consist of various parts, you can make use of our FTP server, SURFdrive (only for Dutch higher education institutions) or an external hard drive. Contact 4TU.ResearchData staff for assistance.

Cite data with a DOI

Every dataset in 4TU.ResearchData archive is provided with a unique, persistent Digital Object Identifier (DOI), which can be linked to or cited in publications. This allows you to claim your research data as your own. The DOI also simplifies the citation of the data.

The technical details of data storage and access

Storage, retrievability, re-use and citability are made possible through a technical infrastructure. 4TU.ResearchData closely follows the rapid developments in this field.

Publish in indexed journals

The number of ‘data journals’ is increasing. These journals offer researchers space in which to describe their data, to provide details on their collection and processing, to describe the software and file formats, or to provide other types of information on the data. Such descriptions provide insight into how and why the data were collected.

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