Data citation with DOI

Previous studies have indicated that publications containing links to the underlying data are cited more frequently than are publications without such links. By storing your research data in 4TU.Centre for Research Data archive, you can encourage the reuse of your data for new research or verification.

Permanent identification

Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are used to create a permanent, stable link to the dataset. Even if the location of the dataset changes, the cited dataset can always be retrieved.

Every dataset in the archive of 4TU.ResearchData is provided with a DOI (through DataCite Netherlands). 4TU.ResearchData archives the data in a permanent and sustainable manner, fully according to the guidelines of the international Data Seal of Approval.

More than one DOI

DOIs can be assigned at every level of detail or size within a publication. For example, a DOI can be assigned to an entire data collection, as well as to each component within the data collection. In the choice of which levels should be registered with a DOI, researchers should proceed from the expectations of future data users. Is it likely that the objects within the data collection will be cited?

Link between publication and dataset

To promote the visibility and the sharing of your datasets, we recommend referring to the DOIs of your datasets in your articles or PhD thesis. You can even reserve a DOI in advance.


For each dataset, the citation will be provided in several variants.

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