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With the data paper fund a new data publication support is established at 4TU.Centre for Research Data. Publishing your research outcome in data papers and journals enables highlighting the data, even releasing data that was not published in relation to a publication. Data papers invite the research community to actively index, describe, curate, review and format the research output. The assigned Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) facilitates citability and discoverability. The corresponding data article describes the research data and does not require analysis or conclusions.

Researchers and research projects from TU Delft, TU/Eindhoven or University of Twente are eligible for the Data Journal Fund.

Benefits for Recipients of Funding

  • Demonstrate the validity and value of your research data.
  • Increase in findability, visibility and re-use of data, even data not related to scientific
  • Open up possibilities for new collaboration.
  • Get credit for your work by making your research data available for reuse.
  • Demonstrate the validity and value of your research data.
  • Researcher can apply for data refinement to make data-sets ready for publishing in a data paper.


  •  Data publications must be accepted in data papers that publish its data under an open
  • 4TU.ResearchData will keep the white list of suitable data papers updated.
  • 4TU.ResearchData will not supply any research-related support in the data paper publishing process.
  • The data has to be deposited in the 4TU.ResearchData archive.
  • The recipient of funding will do a showcase of their research at 4TU.ResearchData.


The fund will be distributed on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Researchers, can submit a request if they meet the following criteria:

  • The compensation for the costs applies to data papers, mostly known by 4TU.ResearchData and on the business model of Open Access.
  • The corresponding researcher must have a demonstrable relationship with TU Delft, TU/Eindhoven or University of Twente and must also have created the research data in affiliation with one of these three universities.
  • The corresponding researcher must have created the research data in affiliation with one of these three universities.
  • The compensation for the costs is maximized at € 2.500 per data journal publication – although the costs for most data journals are lower than this, additional costs are charged to the applicants.
  • Researchers are restricted to one application per year.
  • The grant is a reimbursement, so your research group will have to pay the publisher first. 

Requests to the Data Paper Fund

Requests should be made by using the online form. You must include the following in your request: 

  • University email address.
  • Name, department and university.
  • Information about the data-set: Name; deposit-status in the 4TU.ResearchData Archive; available DOI.
  • Name and URL of desired Data Paper.
  • Total amount of Article Processing Charge (APC) for the data paper submission.
  • Summary of intended benefits of publishing this data-set in a data paper.
  • Submitting the data paper invoice to verify acceptance status and total APC.
  • The cost of the Data Journal Publication, invoice has to be attached with the online form. The maximum financial contribution for a Data Journal Publication is € 2.500.

Suggested List of Data Papers and Journals:
Scientific Data by Nature
Data in Brief by Elsevier
Earth System Science Data
Data Science Journal by CODATA

Administration Process

  • Within 5 working days the applicant will be informed about the funding decision.

To make your data sets ready for depositing with 4TU.Research Data please read more about how to upload data.

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